Cleared for Takeoff: Aviation English Made Easy is the first book in the comprehensive Mariner Method™ series. Author Liz Mariner presents the sensible. Finally, there is a way to learn English necessary for flight in one course made for pilots by pilots. Students are continually motivated and stimulated by the. Cleared for Takeoff: English for Pilots, Books 1 & 2 are the first two books in the comprehensive Mariner Method (TM) series. Training pilots in the language of.

Cleared For Takeoff English For Pilots Book 1

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"Cleared for Takeoff, Aviation English Made Easy" is an Aviation English textbook for pilots and air traffic controllers (ATC). This book teaches the language of. Cleared for Takeoff book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Cleared for Takeoff, English for Pilots is an Aviation English textboo. Cleared for Takeoff Aviation English Made Easy: Book 1 In this book, students will understand and use the most common terms in.

The essential Aviation English text for your pilot training or air traffic control training program, Cleared for Takeoff is the proven, practical approach. The accompanying audio recordings accurately recreates the environment pilots and controllers encounter.

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Students will gain extensive listening practice and opportunities to practice speaking what they have learned from the wide variety of interactive exercises. The audio recordings are embedded in the iBook version, downloadable in the site and pdf versions, and in the print version.

In this book, students will understand and use the most common terms in Communications with air traffic control Student and instructor communications Airport features and the traffic pattern Aircraft features The ATIS The basics of flight". General Format: Paperback Language: English Number Of Pages: US Dimensions cm: Help Centre.

My Wishlist Sign In Join. Steve recently retired after 25 years as an air traffic controller at Los Angeles International Airport.

Cleared for Takeoff : English for Pilots Bk. 1 by Liz Mariner (2007, CD / Paperback, Workbook)

He is an ESL teacher and a sailplane pilot and is fluent in Japanese. If your flight training school, ATC training institution, or airline needs expert guidance on program development contact Steve at steve a-e-link. Kathryn LaVergne, Production Director.

With many years' experience in editing, writing, and publications production, Kathy is also an ESL teacher. She oversees production of our training materials, ensuring that AE Link products are clear, organized, and easy to use.

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Dylan Krassensky, Marketing Manager. Dylan has been active in the aviation community since his teens. He studied business and marketing at San Francisco State University before becoming an air traffic controller.

He is also a pilot and practicing flight instructor who enjoys being involved in the international aviation community. Cybele Gallo, Sales Representative in Brazil Cybele is an aviation English teacher at Anhembi University, Sao Paulo, a language examiner of pilots and flight attendants for Brazilian airlines and the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority , and a consultant to language schools, airlines and general aviation companies.

For inquiries in Brazil or other Portuguese speaking countries contact Cybele at cybeleg a-e-link. AE Link Publications All of our aviation English training materials are written and published by professionals who have hands-on experience in the field.

Cleared for Takeoff: English for Pilots

Advantages of eBooks include: The Cleared for Takeoff: The Teacher's Supplement has been designed to support the Cleared for Takeoff: The Flight Instructors Guide to Teaching International Students introduces the "learner centered" perspective for flight instructors teaching international students.

The Lesson Plans book has been designed to provide a framework to add consistency and standardization to a language program.

Author About the Author "When barely three or four years old, I used to lie flat on the soft grass and shut my eyes tight. About Us About AE Link Publications AE Link was founded in , but it really began many years before that in the far reaches of China, where as an Aviation English teacher I struggled to teach would-be pilot students how to make sense of the indecipherable radio chatter that they would have to learn to communicate with when they went on to flight training.

We welcome your feedback. Email steve a-e-link.

Third Street Emmett, ID This book teaches the language of operational flying and airborne communication with emphasis on speaking and listening skills. Finally, there is a way to learn English necessary for flight in one course made for pilots by pilots.

Students are continually motivated and stimulated by the relevance and applicability to their flying. The audio recordings are an excellent method for increasing listening comprehension.

Role-playing is enjoyed by all students and can even be taken farther for fun and learning.

The topics sparked many in-class discussions and aided in guided group discussions leading to students putting their new knowledge into practice. Language and vocabulary are introduced as would be used in both FAA and ICAO countries as well as many explanations of various ways to refer to situations, parts of aircraft and the airport itself to help teach students the many differences they will find in language on the airways and in the real world of aviation.

Highly visible language notes help for understanding of these differences.These provide interactions and listening comprehension of realistic pilot and air traffic controller interchanges, grammar uses, and applied vocabulary for both standard radiotelephony and non- standard plain English. This course will prepare pilots through practice of aviation English in performance categories where pilots need proficiency to fly safely and efficiently.

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These course books are intended to be part of the solution—training materials for English language development for civil authorities and airlines. In addition, each unit contains a series of functions of language that include asking for clarification, explaining how something works, stating intentions, announcing decisions, expressing non-understanding, and so on.