i should add that the first iso i used was littlebigplanet, which clocked in around GB. i also looked up how to edit isos to make them smaller. PBP (game patch) since many patches use 0x2e5e10f0 to encrypt themselves. it also works with Little Big Planet UCES Patch v (but the patch contains DLC-content) 3) Run PSPCipher and decrypt EBOOT. PBP com pasta hospedeira PSP MemoryStick/PSP/GAME/Nome da pasta/ Pasta dos arquivos DLCs Little Big Planet (+ DLCs).

Little Big Planet Psp Eboot.pbp

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I'm trying to update my copy of LittleBigPlanet I have it as an ISO that I extracted from the UMD. I'm running PRO-B10 on a psp Will. ppssppsharing ** Demo Archive for PSP ** • แอพฯ รวบรวม & ดาวน์โหลด เกม PSP เวอร์ชั่น Demo (ตัวทดลองเล่น) ให้แตกไฟล์ก่อน จะได้ไฟล์ มา สามารถใช้เปิดเล่นผ่าน PPSSPP ได้เลย #PPSSPP .. Little Big Planet -US- (52 MB.). However you should know that the emulator is not complete and yeah i have them both on daedalus but i want it to be faster so im looking for the Resistance Fall of Man, Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2.

The setting of the pixelmask seem not to have any effect. However, at some stages the Hooked function which sets the display mask seemed to be "really" called and the pixelmask seem to take effect partly May be the answer for this is located within the disaply list.

This is what I know so far: The second run is exactly the same , except the fact that the framebuffer with adress 0 in the first run is Wow nice thanks for the new release. Take some rep. Sadly no clue about the Burnout Legends.

Prince of Persia - Revelations get config Plugin started disc0: GoTube 1. Liberty City Stories get config Plugin started Note pressed disc0: Wipeout Pure get config Plugin started disc0: Size Matters get config Plugin started Note pressed Note pressed disc0: Liberty City Stories get config Plugin started disc0: Size Matters get config Plugin started disc0: Assassin's Creed: Prince of Persia - Rival Swords get config Plugin started disc0: Originally Posted by galaxy3arth.

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It was quiet some time, but I've investigated in some more games and issues However, I've managed to redesign the code to make it mor easy for my self not getting lost in the same ; However, there is the next version released at the project site: Downloads - psp3dplugin - Project Hosting on Google Code Following the list of current supported and tested games: MGS in 3D!!!!!

Hi, Thanks All listed games are tested by myself and work with the plugin Best regards..

I've just the paper glasses Haha, nice work dude. Originally Posted by pspwizard.

Andre you rock man. Then it supposed that it will work with the other MGSs too or not? TXT file obviously or the plugin wouldnt work so am i doing something wrong with the cfg file?


Last edited by Vonsta; at Originally Posted by nickxab. Hi there, thanks for your replies I guess Sony has release GameEngines the publisher are using I've seen the same effects occuring in several games What you are telling on PeaceWalker does occur on Death Jr 2 as well Just an assumption I 'll check your hints and do the needful ;o Stay tuned Hmmm ok i see.

So almost every game needs it own settings. Socom Fireteam Bravo 2 - some graphic glitches but runs almost full speed, needs tweaking for 3D view Untold Legends Brotherhood Of The Blade - works but 3D is very minimal, however it runs at full speed Twisted Metal Head On - works well, almost full speed, but needs some tweaking to get better 3D view Pilot Academy - working but not a 3D display. Hi there, thanks for your testing efforts..

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Just find my comments below: Originally Posted by Vonsta. This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dec 25, Messages: As you may know that all games downloaded from the PSN comes in PBP format but that's not the problem the problem is that they comes with license rif file and without it we can use them cuz the PSP will say that is Protected at least full games.

That's why I'm asking to you to try this, I'll provide you with the License of God of War Chain of Olympus and RockBand Unplugged from US PSN but since I can't post links on the forums cuz it' against the rules you just has to post a comment telling me that you'll try it and I'll send you a PM with the link and after you have tried, post results here: DAT of each game.

Soplox , Dec 25, BlackShin , Dec 25, Feb 7, Messages: Size Matters.

Jan 5, Messages: EET , Feb 11, Latest 6. Has minor graphical issues with Sting Chameleon.

Same issue on EU ver[UCES] After loading injected save game, "Village" works runs a little fast but freezes when starting a mission, so no play can ever be had. Is this compatible, is that compatible? With a memory card, users can store a variety of media files including video and music for portable play on the PSP.

Remaster black screen. Once u have installed CFW, and the only one's available for slim are 3.

Useful notes: If you want to disable the internal partition for some reason, just redo the process. Views Read Edit View history. Remove the memory stick from.