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The ground floor featured space for displays and waiting visitors, a demonstration kitchen and an auditorium. The second and largest floor contained the employees' lounge, medical suite, and general office facilities.

On the third floor was the employees' cafeteria and terrace. The offices of Lever Brothers and its subsidiaries occupied the remaining floors with the executive penthouse on the 21st floor.

The top three stories contained most of the property's mechanical space. By that time, however, much of Lever House's original brilliance had been dimmed by time.

The building's blue-green glass facade deteriorated due to harsh weather conditions and the limitations of the original fabrication and materials.

Water seeped behind the stainless steel mullions causing the carbon steel within and around the glazing pockets to rust and expand. This corrosion bowed the horizontal mullions and broke most of the spandrel glass panels.

By the mids, only one percent of the original glass remained leaving the once glimmering curtain wall a patchwork of mismatched greenish glass. Unilever, the parent company of Lever Brothers, continued to lease the building. Following the announcement, Lever Brothers slowly began vacating the building, eventually leaving Unilever on only the top four floors.

Facilities Planning,Tompkins ,A. White,A. Bozer, Tanchoco,4ed Solution Manual

RFR negotiated a lease-back deal allowing Unilever to remain on the top four floors. Construction began in , and was carried out by Isaac A. Hopper and Company. Although the building was in use from April , the official opening night was May 5, with a concert conducted by Walter Damrosch and Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Several alterations were made to the building between and , including the addition of two towers of artists' studios, and alterations to the smaller auditorium on the building's lower level.

Carnegie Hall in Carnegie Hall in The hall was owned by the Carnegie family until , when Carnegie's widow sold it to a real estate developer, Robert E.

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When Simon died in , his son, Robert E. Simon, Jr.

By the mids, changes in the music business prompted Simon to offer Carnegie Hall for sale to the New York Philharmonic, which booked a majority of the hall's concert dates each year. The orchestra declined, since it planned to move to Lincoln Center , then in the early stages of planning.

At the time, it was widely believed that New York City could not support two major concert venues. Facing the loss of the hall's primary tenant, Simon was forced to offer the building for sale.

Lever House

A deal with a commercial developer fell through, and by , with the New York Philharmonic on the move to Lincoln Center, the building was slated for demolition to make way for a commercial skyscraper. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in On November 14, , the year old Leonard Bernstein had his major conducting debut when he had to substitute for a suddenly ill Bruno Walter in a concert that was broadcast by CBS , [19] making him instantly famous.

In the fall of , the orchestra's weekly broadcast concerts were moved there until the orchestra disbanded in Several of the concerts were televised by NBC, preserved on kinescopes , and have been released on home video.

Washington , and the last public lecture by Mark Twain , both in The bill also featured, among other guest performers, Count Basie and members of Duke Ellington 's orchestra.The repeating cycle for product 2 is Drive-in racks are best used along the walls of plants or warehouses.

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