Zaheer Ahmed all collection of Imran Series novels in PDF Format, Download and Read Online novels and Books. No Bound or Advertising Links. Best Urdu. Download Free Urdu Suspense books and Imran Series in PDF format read and Free Download. Online read Adventure and suspense novels in urdu by Zaheer Ahmed. Read Online Imran Series by Zaheer Ahmed. Imran Series Jasoosi Novel Half Face By Zaheer Ahmed Urdu Novels, Urdu Stories . Diamond Heart Imran Series By Zaheer Ahmed Diomand heart novel pdf is .. Diamond Mission Imran Series April Part 2 by Zaheer Ahmed Read.

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Diamond Heart Imran Series By Zaheer Ahmed Diomand heart novel pdf is . Monthly Darr Digest November Read online Free Download in Pdf format. Anata By Zaheer Ahmed Pdf Www Aiourdubooks Net. Jun 11, 06/ . Power Play Imran Series By Zaheer Ahmed Aug 31, Urdu novel “Iblasha” is now available on Pakistan virtual library for online or download in high quality pdf document. Check out the following links to read online.

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Maut ki Aahat Sound of. Imran Series Novel Thursday, Ki Maut by Zaheer Ahmed Imran. Imran Series by Ibn e Safi full list. Zaheer Ahmed Back to top! X-2 X2 Kon?

Imran Ki Maut; Rangeen Maut. A fast-medium bowler, he. Imran Ka Ighwa. Tasveer ki Maut. King Chaang. X-2; Kaghzi Qiyamat Part. Rageen Maut Pdfbooksfree. Pk Topics. Raaz ki maut novel contains an adventurous thriller action story and second part of x2 ka raaz is authored by zaheer ahmed in urdu pdf language with the. Zaheer Ahmed Author. Here is the complete list of novels of Imran Series written by Zaheer Ahmed Download Link A. The other two personalities Imran assumes now and then are the Prince of Dhump, a warlord of a fictitious state known as Dhump, and Rana Tahavvar Ali Sandooqui, a wealthy landlord and businessman.

Imran works as a normal member of the Secret Service and none of the other members had a slightest clue of his being their chief officer. These agents usually laugh him off and sneer at him, but as X-2, they really dread him. Imran's favourite agent is Safder Saeed.

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Imran has perfected the art of dodging bullets. Theresia has a great crush on him but Imran hardly pay heed to her rather jeer at her sentiments. He, like Col.

He is asexual. Due to his naive appearance and innocent looks, women are smitten with him, but he usually gives them a cold shoulder.

One of Ibn-e-Safi 's distinguished writing qualities include formation and development of characters. He has established characters in such a fashion that they appear to be real and materialised. And, Imran Series has a range of diverse, colourful, and sentient characters.

X-2, the chief of the secret service , in fact is Ali Imran sometimes played by Tahir aka Black Zero. The members of the X-2's team are: Roshni, an Anglo-Burmese girl, is Imran's long time friend; she was Imran's working partner for sometime, but later left him.

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Not very sharp or intelligent, he with the help of Imran is able to solve numerous cases, which resulted in his promotions. Suraiya gets married to Dr. Shahid in the books, Adha Teetar and Adha Betair. Now-a-days in new books written by Mazhar Kaleem , names of characters are given below, namely: For a detailed account of characters appearing in Imran Series, please visit more links at the bottom of this page. Daanish Manzil was the initial headquarters of the Secret Services. It, however, was exposed thus destroyed in one of the adventures see Sugarbank trilogy and the Secret Services was forced to shift its headquarters to a new building called "Psycho Mansion," which operates under the semblance of a psychiatric clinic.

Till Safi's last book "Psycho Mansion" maintains its status of being the headquarters. The members of the Secret Service, from time to time, also use another building, the mansion of "Rana Palace," as a hideout and operations centre.

During —, while Ibn-e-Safi was suffering from schizophrenia , many amateur writers started posing themselves as Ibn-e-Safi and produced third class copies of his work, distorting the character of not only Ali Imran , but also of Colonel Faridi and Captain Hameed. These acts of vandalism were reported by Ibn-e-Safi himself in the preface of Daidh Matwaalay One and a Half Amused — 42 , the book he returned with after his recovery.

Some writers and publishers still continue to write on Safi's characters, much to the annoyance of many fans. Safi used to mention fans' complaints sometimes in the prefaces, and mocked the fake publishers and writers in his own witty style.

After the death of Ibn-e-Safi, Mazhar Kaleem writes books in the series, and has introduced many new characters in the series.

Now Mazhar Kaleem is also died on 26 May Some fans of Ibn-e-Safi [ who? Nevertheless, his books have a significant readership [ citation needed ]. The writers who continued writing their own versions of Imran Series specially after the death of Mr.

Mazhar Kaleem still writes and enjoys enough following.

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He has introduced many new characters in the series. Most fans of Ibn-e-Safi, however, dismiss Kaleem's books, arguing that Kaleem distorted the original 'feel' of the series, and that he deformed the key characteristics of many characters, including Ali Imran.

Nevertheless, his books have a significant readership. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.Zaheer Ahmed Babar 1 About Me. August 19, coatercentnar. King Chaang. A fast-medium bowler, he.

After his own teacher Mazhar Kaleem health began failing. The members of the Secret Service, from time to time, also use another building, the mansion of "Rana Palace," as a hideout and operations centre.

Imran series

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