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Enter Yoake Ryou; representative of the ReLIFE Organization. He offers Kaizaki a pill that changes his appearance to that of his year-old self; thus, Kaizaki. Have you got the Guts? Kentaro Miura's Berserk has outraged, horrified, and delighted manga and anime fanatics since , creating an international legion of. Kaizaki Arata is a year-old, out-of-work man who has failed at each and every job interview he has had after quitting his last company where he only lasted.

Arata formally meets Chizuru during lunch, but her blunt and straightforward way of speaking throw him for a loop. They meet again after school where Chizuru shares with Arata that she is socially awkward, and does not understand people or know how to communicate with them, but wants to change that about herself.

ReLIFE Chapter Downloads

Arata gives her encouragement, and they become friends after exchanging phone numbers. Meanwhile, Chizuru takes Arata's advice to try smiling more in an attempt to make friends, but her forced smiles are misinterpreted by Rena as Chizuru mocking her. Rena also learns that despite viewing Chizuru as an academic rival Chizuru was unaware of who Rena was, causing Rena's perception of both Chizuru and herself to be strained. Rena reflects that she measures her self-worth by her success and that the previous year she had both pride and happiness due to being the class representative alongside Kazuomi, whom she has feelings for.

Now having lost both the class representative position and the place at Kazuomi's side to Chizuru, Rena begins to think less of herself, and grows angrier towards Chizuru for thinking she is mocking her for her shortcomings.


Chizuru, however, is unaware of Rena's feelings and confides in Arata that she feels that she and Rena are becoming friends. One night after staying late at school, Rena sees Chizuru has also stayed late and steals her school bag in retaliation for her perceived mistreatment, but she is caught by Arata.

As Arata attempts to stop her, they both fall down a flight of stairs.

Remembering that Rena was stealing Chizuru's bag before they fell, Arata recalls a similar situation at a company he worked for where his senior was bullied by her co-workers due to their jealousy of her. When Rena awakens, Arata confronts her about her actions and Rena shares her feelings of insecurity and frustration towards Chizuru.

Arata encourages her not to stoop to the level of harassing people she does not like, and to continue being a person who perseveres to obtain what she wants. After leaving, Arata meets Chizuru who suspects Rena was trying to steal her bag, but could not think of a reason why.

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Arata confirms Chizuru's suspicions, and she decides to speak with Rena as she is leaving the school. Rena explains her feelings towards Chizuru and learns that Chizuru never meant to degrade her, and was only attempting to be her friend.

With the confusion cleared up, Rena apologizes and agrees to be Chizuru's friend on the condition that Chizuru acknowledges Rena as a rival. When Kazuomi leaves early, An confesses to Arata that they met previously and that she fell in love with him at first sight.

Ryo decides to check up eavesdrop on Arata via his cell phone but learns An and Arata are alone and rushes to the apartment.

An attempts to kiss Arata, but he stops her just as Ryo arrives. An also explains that she was supposed to be Arata's supporter, but Ryo took over due to her not finishing her training in time. Both An and Ryo apologize for the trouble she caused, with Ryo secretly apologizing for partially lying of why he is Arata's supporter.

Ryo was scolded by his supervisors for being too involved in the subject's life, and thus he distanced himself from that person. Yoake has issues, yet attempts to give advice, and it's kind of painful to watch. Clueless girl is clueless.

Clueless boy is clueless. I'm torn between whether to strongly despise the serious life advice elements to this manga, or to appreciate them for their rarity.

ReLIFE Chapter Downloads

The problem is that the serious elements drag out humongous plot holes that even the premise can't magically solve. I like the backstory, but the backstory ruins the premise entirely: that he's a NEET chosen for an experiment. He's pretty normal, has some baggage, and is struggling to maintain faith in how society runs through because of real-life experience. I think anyone who's lived long enough in the real world can relate to that.

ReLife follows the story of 27 year old Arata Kaizaki, a guy that can't find a job after leaving his first employer after only three months apparently the lack of commitment is really bad and most corporate companies are too skeptical to give him a callback because of that.

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ReLife is designed to reintroduce NEETs back into society by physically transforming them via a pill into their youthful forms and returning them back into high school, where the company believes the root of many NEETs' problems began, for one year. The only catch is that the subjects are not allowed to talk about the company, program, or process; and if they do, the experiment will end and the subject's memory will be erased.

The plot is very unique. And I appreciated that it's essentially not just another story set in high school. There's some teenage drama but a lot of the conflicts have more mature themes that really apply to life in general and inclusive to those of all ages.

The cast is also very relatable with their many insecurities and vulnerabilities. My favorite character was the female lead, Chizuru Hishiro.

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At first, I was skeptical of her personality because she was yet another clueless, detached heroine that didn't know anything about friends, relationships, and love.Also, after 13 episodes and almost chapters I've totally become an Arata and Chizuru shipper. Overall, if you're interested in a sweet, heartwarming coming-of-age story, ReLIFE slots nicely into that genre.

Manga is the Japanese equivalent of comics with a unique style and following. And character development!

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At chapter 98, the manga switches from a paginated view to the "eternal scrolling" web view. The MC's problems are things that can be 'solved' with a little more self-reflection and some positivity in his life.

Rena stands up for Honoka when other volleyball members make fun of her. It'll go down if there is a pairing for the MC with high school kid, because as we see in this manga, there's a huge and I mean huge maturity difference.