for the audio clip. if possible please try to upload the english translation of poem 'prathigna'. 18, Views. 2 Favorites. 3 Reviews. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. (life and Works of Srirangam Srinivasa Rao) lines later became proverbially popular and everybody who is fighting some one else quotes them invariably. Sri Sri Quotes In Telugu | Motivational Quotes | Telugu Quotations. Mahakavi Sri rangam srinivasa rao is a great poet in Telugu. .. Saved by radha reddy garisa Bhagavad Gita, Mindfulness Quotes, Truth Of Life, Dark .. Bible Qoutes, Jesus Quotes, Quotations, Wallpaper Downloads, Good Advice, Telugu, Proverbs, Life.

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Srirangam Srinivasarao (Sri Sri). likes · 29 talking about this. Srirangam Srinivasa Rao is known as Mahakavi (great poet) in Telugu poetry and. Srirangam srinivasa rao quotes in telugu pdf - File size: Kb Date DOWNLOAD NOW Of srirangam srinivasa rao books pdf telugu pdf free. 1 quote from Srirangam Srinivasarao: 'Nippulu chimmukuntu ningiki ne yegiripothe nibidascharyam tho veeru, Nethuru kakkukuntu nelaku ne ralipothe.

The image of a girl is beautifully painted with red and black supplemented with white is an example of figurative expressionism. The Damsel is beautifully carved with red background and blue back torso with expressive countenance. A strong feeling is created. They force the on lookers to dream world. Indian women look beautiful while they comb their hair, their hands move all around their heads and hair.

Certainly the sight is a good composition for any artist to create. It takes much time and attention to maintain hair-style. A woman wants to look attractive, hence hair dressing. When I was little, I used to believe in angels, the good of the world, the fairy-tales; everything moved me…..

I asked myself thousands of silly questions but got no answers. The cool colors.

Blue has a restful and serene mood. It also can be cold like ice or calm like a lake. Colors give us the language we need to communicate our feelings artistically. Maids generally attend household duties like cooking, washing, cleaning the house and taking care of children. A virgin maid serves a good model for an artist.

Indian classical musicians and singers have played a great role in popularizing Indian music all over the world. They have enriched the world of music and enthralled the audiences with their masterful artistry. Their soulful rendition has brought solace to many hearts. It is very interesting to depict them on canvas. A rapid water colour sketch is executed within minutes to create space and atmosphere. The blues and blacks are blended to create mood. You have an innate reaction to color.

When you look at red, it does increase your heart rate.

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It is a stimulating color. This goes back to cavemen days of fire and danger and alarm. People truly appreciate music.

They understand that music is life. You just need to touch them with some respect and appreciation for their inner beauty and you will be rewarded with joy.


Violin is a stringed instrument used is musical concerts. Violin player serves as a good composition for a painting. It looks like a beautiful woman in the hands of its player, playing elegantly.

Comfort at a time of grief or disappointment.

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You broke my heart, but now I am going to break some of yours. I wish I could collect all my tears, from the times you have made me cry and drown you in them. Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us.

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musician paints pictures on silence. After hectic household work women in villages sit leisurely together and talk. They talk for talking sake without any practical purposes. Usually they talk about domestic problems, events that occurred around their village.

These scenes will best serve for composition for paintings. She is made to feel guilty for possessing an unwanted child. These reactions lead to depression and isolation. Two women sat together closely, exchanged their ideas.

They started talking about their day-to-day events of life and of marriages, festivals, children, cattle, crops etc; It is always a lovely scene to depict. The seated girl leaned on a chair is still deeply in contemplation. She is looking for a way to find out reasonable solution to her dilemma. The darkness is descending slowly. What will happen in the next moment nobody knows. The reds and blacks create an airy atmosphere. The maid is in her bridal attire. She is going to be wedded soon.

Her happiest feelings are conveyed in this picture. She thinks her future will be bright and beautiful. The red, brown, black combination created mood in the picture. Damsel in distress is a Classic theme in world literature, art, and film.


She is a lady facing a serious problem awaiting a hero to achieve her rescue. Portraits are often more than likeness of people. It is the picture of an young Indian girl. She is in pensive mood, like any other Indian girl before marriage.

She is worrying about the thought of her marriage. In the process, she looses the opportunity to learn and make friends and freedom. It is a captivating rural scene in India where women, after their domestic work sit leisurely and chat over their day-to-day issues; past incidents and future events.

Rural women are less educated but have a kind heart. They have a tougher life as their rights are not in their hands. Enki-Naidubava is a symbol for pure love and subject matter for creative painting. Enki is a washer-woman who is in deep love with Naidu Bava. The central theme of poems is the love and romance between them. In India, puppetry was practiced from ancient times.

It is popular form of theatre. The puppets are a good subject matter for creative artists. They decorate tilaka on their fore heads; women with these decorations look more attractive and are a good subject matter for poets and artists. Which are depicted in Kangra valley hills of Punjab, India paintings. Love-sick heroines who seek relief from the pangs of separation are shown playing with the black buck, the peacock, the swan etc; these are the symbols of the lover. It is fun, romantic and spiritual listening to music.

Indian rural women walk miles together to fetch and carry water for their families. Women carrying the pitchers on their heads, their colorful dresses, their movements in the bright day light serve as a good composition for paintings. The names of sea nymphs were numerous; the most famous are Sirens and the Mermaids.

They are charming maidens, sometimes lightly clothed and sometimes naked, often riding on dolphins and tritons.

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These beautiful mythological goddesses always fascinated me to paint them. In modern Greek folklore, the term Neveid has come to be used for all nymphs, fairies or mermaids or nymphs of the sea. It is very interesting to look at such type of paintings. It laid emphasis on the mysterious, marvelous, mythological aspects of dream. They remain with you for years as if you dreamt them last night.

When you wake-up from such a dream you feel that you had a life changing experience. Horses serve as good composition in drawing and painting. A horse is an auspicious symbol for the Hindus to worship. The power of horses is depicted in this work.

The blue-black combination and the arrangement of figures give a cool effect. The red, orange and brown are used to create dramatic effect in the painting. Rural Womenfolk in India, by nature, are pure, innocent and beautiful. The women of low-income groups toil from dawn to dusk to earn bread for their families.

They work in the fields, farms, collect driftwood for fuel from waste lands, sell milk and vegetables in the markets etc.

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These daily life activities inspired Vass to paint pictures of the kind. The serene atmospheric background and the cloth colors reflect the same. It is a windy day. It is blowing hard. Active in the 8th- century,[2][4] with some suggesting 7 Last,[3][note 1] Andal is credited with the great Tamil works, Thiruppavai and Nachiar Tirumozhi, that are still recited by devotees dur- ing the winter festival season of Margazhi.

He was childless and he prayed to Vishnu to save him from the longing. One day, he found a girl child under a Tulasi plant in a garden inside the temple. The child was goddess Lakshmi itself incarnated to test the devotion of alvars. Periazhwar, who later found it, was highly up- 3. Vishnu appeared in his dream and asked him to dedicate only the garland worn by Andal Andal garland is being sent to Madurai Kallazhagar for to him.

The girl Kothai was thus named Andal and was Chithirai Festival day. The practise is followed during mod- ern times when the garland of Andal from Srivilliputhur Andal Temple is sent to Azhagar Koyil on Garudostavam 3. As Kodhai grew 4 Andals Parrot into a beautiful maiden, her fervor for the Lord Vishnu grew to the extent that she decided to marry only the Srivillipuththur Andals handcrafted parrot which was Lord Himself. As time passed, her resolve strengthened made with green leaves are made each and every day and she thought constantly about marrying Ranganathar freshly.

This parrot is kept in the left hand of Andal. A pomegranate ower for beak and mouth, Bam- boo sticks for legs, banana plant, petals of pink oleander 2 Andals Bhakti and nandiyavattai.. Venkataraman also was at- [15] Bhakti devotion. Similarly, in Tamil Nadu Andal is re- tracted towards this parrot. In the Thirup- pavai, Andal, as a Gopi in Ayarpadi Brindavan ,[9] em- phasizes that the ultimate goal of life is to seek surrender and refuge at the Lords feet.

Representations of ganathaswamy temple married Andal, who later merged her next to Vishnu are present in all Srivaishnava temples.

Since Andal married Ranganatha, who During the month of Margazhi, discourses on the Thirup- came as a king called Raja , the presiding deity is called pavai in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi take place all Rangamannar. Most South Indian Vishnu temples have a separate shrine 3. These tradi- devotion to god Vishnu, the God of the Srivaishnavas. These garlands are used on prestigious Garuda marriage, the normal and expected path for women of her seva day of Tirupathi Venkateswara in which the lord ap- culture, to marry Vishnu, both spiritually and physically.

Thirumozhi literally means After early morning special pujas, the presiding deities, Sacred Sayings in a Tamil poetic style and Nachiar Sri Rengamannar and Goddess Andal are taken in deco- means Goddess. Therefore, the title means Sacred Say- rated palanquins to the car. The festival marks the adop- ings of the Goddess.

This poem fully reveals Andals tion of presiding deity, Andal, by Periyazhwar after he intense longing for Vishnu, the Divine Beloved. Utiliz- found her near a Tulsi plant in the garden of Vadabadra- ing classical Tamil poetic conventions and interspersing stories from the Vedas and Puranas, Andal creates im- sai Temple at Srivilliputhur on the eighth day of the Tamil month of Adi. However, conservative Sri- vaishnavite institutions do not encourage the propaga- tion of Nachiar Tirumozhi as much as they encourage 5.

Bhakti movement poetess, states Pintchman, and his- torical records suggest that by 12th-century she was a major inspiration to Hindu women in south India and 6. In search of 6 Literary works Tamil Nadus poet-preachers London. Financial Times. The Financial Times Limited. Retrieved 13 Andal composed two literary works, both of which are July Vass was painted from life on her 7th birthday. Wellington Ruckstuhl. When you wake-up from such a dream you feel that you had a life changing experience.

I shall rate it once I read it again. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. A woman wants to look attractive, hence hair dressing.

The expressive use of colour which is not determined by form. The woman is elegantly posed and her eyes are dreaming. The wheels of the chariot of Jagannath are coming; they are coming!

It is very interesting to depict them on canvas.