Start by marking “Frangipani House” as Want to Read: Set in Guyana, this is the story of Mama King, trapped by age and infirmity, but ultimately indomitable. Beryl Agatha Gilroy (née Answick) (30 August – 4 April ) was a novelist and teacher, and "one of Britain's most. Beryl Gilroy has 13 books on Goodreads with ratings. Beryl Gilroy's most popular book is Frangipani House. Readers' questions about Frangipani House. hey. which group of people other than the old people are look down on in society in the Frangipani house book?.

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Frangipani House with CSEC Study Notes [Beryl Gilroy] on Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially. User Review - Flag as inappropriate. interesting book has a lot of facts about how people these days treat their fellow elders and how an old woman survives the. Set in Guyana, this is the story of Mama King, trapped by age and infirmity, but ultimately indomitable. It is a protest at institutions that isolate, and a way of life.

After working hard all her life Mama King finds the rules and restrictions stultifying and plans to escape; firstly through losing her sanity and then by physical departure.

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Mama King escapes and spends time with a group of beggars, who although very poor treat her as an equal and appreciate her. Eventually she is beaten up and is in intensive care.

Her family travel from America and have to decide what to do with her. The main antagonist of the novel is the matron of the nursing home, Miss Trask.

Although she comes across as unsympathetic and uncaring, the reader does come to understand her over the course of the novel. Gilroy gives a voice to the voiceless; the old and poor and uneducated. Although Mama King is uneducated in a Western sense, she has knowledge, alternative knowledge and has brought up many children and survived an abusive husband. This novel finds a place for someone who society has no place, a role for a black, poor grandmother.

He downloads flowers and sends them for Mama King. He asks the driver to deliver them to her because the living should get flowers. When Mama gets the flowers, she is uncertain as to why she has received. Mama King became friends with Miss Gomez and knows that she has fits. She cleverly tells Miss Gomez that if she had an attack on Friday when the beggars come that her sickness will go away. She tries to come up with a plan to escape using Miss Gomez sickness as a diversion.

She recalls a game she played with her grandchildren when they were ill. She hugged herself and Ginchi and Carlton sees her like that. She says that Markey is coming to take her home and if he doesnt, she will find him.

Ginchi advises her not to do anything foolish but she is very private. The days flew by quickly as she was planning her escape but Miss Gomez had a stroke and became a vegetable. Characters presented in chapter one 1 of frangipani house are: What if Good should expose her and make a Jonah of her? She had a fear of getting caught by one of the nurses. Getting out of frangipani house was something Mama King wanted and was determined to get through with.

She was encountered by a little beggar girl which led to her meeting up with the other beggars. Mama King asked the boss-man to stay with them, she told them that she doesnt belong to anybody.

The beggars decided to keep her but told her if police ever come around searching for her, they will leave her.

They journey out of the village and spend the night in an abandoned boothy. Sumentra one the beggars , gave Mama King a bowl of soup. The beggars sat with Mama King and they asked her questions and also told her about their experiences of being a beggar.

Mama King felt good inside, she felt as if she belonged and so slept well that night. With the beggars, she felt that she was surrounded by people who cared for her. Eventually, a police came looking for her, Pandit Prem managed to persuade the police and when he asked questions Pandit told him that he didnt see Mama King around.

The police went away, and Mama King accompanied the beggars on their expedition hoping to meet up with Markey but did not. She was very disappointed, she worried about him and thought about Mrs Gomes and Nurse Carey. Pandit Prem consoled Mama King and assured her that Markey will come for her.

Three weeks after, Pandit was confronted by Matron but he told her nothing of what he knew of Mama King. She was scared, she feared the reporter Jack Roper. Bubble elder the police sergeant promised Matron to find Mama King in a day or two. Ginchi, Mama Kings best friend, fainted when she heard what happened to Mama King. The nurses were saying that they really liked Mama King although she can be a hand full sometimes.

Nobody Knew where she was, Carltons theory was that the martians came down and took her to nowhere land in their space ship. Matron feared the thought of Mama Kings body being found, she worried a lot about what Mama Kings family especially her daughters would tell her. The thought of this brought back memories of her uncle Zekie who died a terrible death.

She accompanied Sumentra to the fish market. Sumentra went to the fry fish shop to collect a parcel only to return and find Mama King gone. She found her telling someones fortune. The person gave Mama King some money which brought back memories of when she worked hard for money to take care of her grandchildren.

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She bought gifts for Charlie, Solo and Cindy. Mama King excitedly went to a shop to download a big bottle of mauby with her money.

Some young men kept taunting her, they sang a song about grandmother for Mama King. They robbed and injured her, and left her on the ground.

She was in pain. The young men that robbed her noticed that the twenty five dollars she bought the mauby with was all she had, we kill she for nothing.

When Mama Kings moaning stopped Sumentra thought she was dead so she hurried back to the market and alerted the market constable. She then went off to tell Pandit Prem. Newsmongers and sightseers gathered around Mama King. Carlton was among the people, He was surprised to see Mama King, he exclaimed that its Mama King, She was lost for weeks and that shes almost his grandmother.

The people questioned him and he gave them answers then went off to tell Marton. The people were surprised when they heard Carlton said she got family. If she got, where them gone?. In Mama Kings unconscious state, she heard voices and saw a lot of people who were already dead like her mother,Miss Tilley, Dolly Mc Abe and her husband Danny, they were all young again and Danny came to her and asked her to go with him but she ran away without saying a word to him.

Cyclette and Token put money together to pay so their mother could be given the best of care in the hospital. Reporters gathered, Matron was there too. Jack Roper was asking her questions. She told the reporters to stop making herself and Frangipani House look bad because its a liberal place. She told them that Mama King went for a walk and got lost.

Mama King was recovering slowly. She remembered how Cindy ran off after she beat her. Cindy wanted her to download a new broom but Mama king hadnt enough money but eventually did download the broom. She later found herself in a place where Sumentra and herself were laughing. Then she opened her eyes and was now conscious. She muttered that her head hurts. The nurses came to her, they were relieved. Matron visited everyday, she felt pain in her heart, pain that make up nor the fancy clothes could hide.

She went back to Frangipani house and put on a brave face. She heard that Mama Kings family was coming.

frangi[pani house

She got angry and so remembered her mother. She hated her mother because she married her to an old man at a young age. Carlton came to tell Matron he will not work the next day because Miss Ginchi had to go to the hospital.

Matron received a call from Bubble Elder saying Mama King woke up. She was relieved and so started to drink rum. Matron hated her mother very much for what she did that is why she look after the old women hoping she will find peace in her heart. Miss Ginchi refused to take a mastectomy. She had breast cancer. She said her breasts are no use to anyone so why cut them off. She was in pain but kept thinking about Mama King, she had to confess something to her before she dies. For years people had said that Miss Ginchi should have gotten married to Danny instead of Mama King, but he was to cruel.

A night Danny came to her house with a friend Esteban an Amerindian man who brought bush rum with him that Miss Ginchi encouraged Danny to drink in large amounts. Danny drank too much, it killed him. Ginchi got Esteban to get rid of Dannys body. She said he deserved to die because of the way he treated her best friend. She kept telling Mama King that he went to Aruba to find a job.

She felt she should tell her friend the truth of what happened to her husband. She walked a painful one to where Mama King was and confessed but Mama King acted as if she heard nothing. Miss Ginchi went out of the hospital to where Carlton was and went home.

She told Carlton to take care of her flowers. She went into her room where she saw shadowy forms, she knew them all. She held out her hands towards them, then pulled them back. She held them out again, smiled then died. When Carlton realized what happened he was too numbed to speak and shocked to cry. Miss Ginchi didnt want a fancy funeral or wake. She was buried the next afternoon and left a lot of friends to mourn her departure.

Carlton went through Miss Ginchis things and saw a lot of letters from Danny, and thought theres a lot of Dannys in the world when mama Kings Danny came to mind. Mama King had seen it all Life and death. In her head, she was young again, asking her mother a lot of questions about heaven and hell and angels.

Danny came to her, but she didnt go with him. As she laid on the bed a beam of light magicall came upon her and reawakened her making her whole again.

Nurses were taking care of her, she didnt longer had to work to look after her grandchildren. The thought of them brought happiness to her. Carlton came to visit, and told her that Miss Ginchi passed away. He told her about the funeral service. He then asked where Miss Ginchi got him from, she never told him. Mama King told him of when there was a drought and two young people went in miss Ginchis garden to steal food, Miss Ginchi caught them, they ran away and left a baby behind under some bushes.

The baby was Carlton. Carlton was now more than. He realized that Miss Ginchi saved his life, took care of him and gave him everything he had. On his way home he could remember miss Ginchi telling him to be a good man. He was now cautious of everything he did, he knew what a life well lived was.

He went home and cried he lit a candle by the window then went off to look after the chickens and saw lights in Mama Kings house so he went over. They talked of times past and their new lives. Carlton was about to go home when he smelled smoke and saw fire coming from Miss Ginchis house.

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Wikipedia in English None.She wakes up, realizing where she was and screamed that she wants to go home. Want to Read saving…. Because she didnt had any teeth in her mouth, it was very difficult to eat the sausages and Matrons dog ended up eating it. Keiann Renae Simon. Frangipani House by Beryl Gilroy.

Eventually she is beaten up and is in intensive care.

Matron orders Nurse Douglas to go and check on Miss Mason, an old retired teacher who is active and mischievous.